Scott Mineo Paint and Wallcovering
Scott Mineo Paint and Wallcovering

Plaster and Drywall Services

A new paint job will obviously make the interior of your Newbury Park home look more attractive, but for how long? Without first addressing the underlying plaster and drywall issues that your walls may have, even a new coat of paint could start to peel and bubble rather quickly. My plaster and drywall repair services will ensure that your new coat of paint will have a long life and continue to look great after many years. Here's a few of the plaster and drywall problems I can fix:

  • Stress cracks from property settling
  • Water damage
  • Plaster and drywall holes in walls
  • Ceiling plaster repairs
  • Refinishing for electrical outlets and switches
  • New drywall installation
  • Drywall texturing or texture removal
  • Crown molding and trim installation
  • Wallpaper Removal

Drywall and plaster repairs can be some of the most frustrating tasks for a homeowner to encounter. Depending on when your house was built, the correct fix could be very different and you may be playing a guessing game trying to do it yourself. Why not let the experts come in and determine the exact solution needed to bring your walls back to their former glory? I know the area I'll and the construction methods used in local homes, so I've built up a formidable knowledge of what works for each particular plaster problem and can execute the solution quickly.

Dealing with difficult drywall or plaster problems is not worth the hassle and frustration you'll experience. Yes, you may save some money in the short run, but at what cost? If the repair is not done perfectly, you're not going to be satisfied with the result and you'll probably end up calling a drywall specialist to fix your repair.

Drywall Repair

Most drywall repair is unexpected and usually needs to be done right away. When remodeling there are often more repairs than expected. Whatever your needs, I will be happy and able to take care of your job with the least delay and dust possible, getting it done on time with the best results. It will be hard to see there had been any repairs after I am done with the job.
Services inlcude:

  • Patch Jobs
  • Spray Texture

Acoustic Ceiling or Popcorn Removal

Removal of acoustic comes down easy, keeping the dust off everything else is what takes more work and effort. After the right preparation the work can begin using the original drywall joint compound. The surface will be prepared for the new texture to update and beautify your home. It’s very important to use the right air pressure to get an even texture and not too heavy. After removing the two layers of drop cloths and vacuuming, your home will be left clean and beautiful.

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